Pharmaceuticals Wholesale

shc certificate

Silverdale Healthcare Ltd is licensed and regulated by the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as a distributor of Human Medicinal Products under our Wholesale Distribution Authorisation WDA(H) 44217

Click here to view a copy of our Certificate of GDP Compliance of a Wholesale Distributor issued by the MHRA on 17th March 2015.

From our audited network we provide access to a vast range of international pharmaceuticals including:

  • Branded Pharmaceutical
  • Generic Products
  • Unlicensed Medicines
  • Ambient and Cool Chain products (+2°C to +8 °C)
  • General Sale List
  • Over-The-Counter products (OTC’s)

With our technical expertise and network infrastructure we strive to meet any demand, ranging from local market shortages at pharmacy level, emergency medical supplies for hospitals and clinics to bulk wholesale orders of pharmaceuticals

Get in touch with a member of team on +44 1524 734 744 or viaemail