Emergency Medical Supplies

Crucial to delivering quality of care to your patients is having access to the right pharmaceutical supplies without having to worry about regional market shortages or supply problems. On occasions it will occur that essential medicines are not readily available and this is where Silverdale Healthcare can help.

We only source from our audited and authorised supply chain partners and our Quality Management Systems ensures we maintain the highest standards of quality of product. Through long-standing working relationships with multi-national manufacturers, independent pharma companies, wholesalers and international distributors we are able to source the products safely, efficiently and at short notice.

We have extensive experience in managing the complete supply chain process, from sourcing the medicines to validated storage and distribution (including cold chain solutions) alongside exemplary customer service. All these factors combined means we are your best sourcing partner for Emergency Medical Supplies.

click here  for further information on our Quality Systems or to request a copy of our Wholesale Dealers Authority WDA(H).